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Signal Conditioners / OEM Boards

OpSens collaborates closely with its customers to solve their unmet needs and develop the best solution for each application. We provide solutions unique to your market for a seamless integration into your system.

Our signal conditioners with external casing are equipped with a large visible LCD display and can be controlled directly using the front-panel keypad or remotely using the standard RS-232 interface.

Our OEM signal conditioners (stand-alone PCBAs) are designed to meet your specific needs in design flexibility. They come with or without external casing, a private label option, and with various interface options for easy integration into your system.


Cost effective

Compact size

Lower power consumption

Available in both WLPI and GaAs technologies platforms

Pressure Sensors – OPP-M200, WLPI Technology

Pressure Sensors – OTP-M, WLPI Technology

Temperature Sensors – OTG-M, GaAs Technology

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