OEM Solutions

Trust our experts!
Call on our experienced engineering team to customize and integrate our fiber optic pressure and temperature sensors into your systems.

Proven, customized integration for medical devices

Our deep experience in creating and commercializing our own medical devices, such as the OptoWire and OptoMonitor, has made us experts in medical device sensor design and integration.

Drawing on experienced R&D and engineering resources, OpSens works with its customers to meet their specific sensor needs and develop the best solutions with them for easy integration. Over the years, OpSens has collaborated with hundreds of OEM customers, such as Abiomed, Monteris Medical, Zeon, MIPM, Schiller.

Our products

FidelaTM – 2nd generation fiber optic sensor technology

Delivers reliable results in harsh and constrained environments

NIST traceable, consistent, reliable, and interchangeable

Designed to provide accurate real-time temperature monitoring

Unique integrated solutions to fit into your system

Long-term reliable performances in constantly changing conditions

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