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Unique solutions for your medical devices

As experts in sensor integration and commercialization of medical devices, we know that a focus on quality is essential to produce complex devices at commercial volumes.

That’s why OpSens offers you micro-scale, robust, accurate pressure and temperature sensing solutions and engineering services to easily customize and integrate our sensors into your systems.

Solutions for unmet needs in complex applications, from concept to commercialization

Do you want to reduce your engineering costs and accelerate your medical devices development timeline? Take advantage of our team for your integration engineering efforts!

With nearly 20 years of experience in the R&D of fiber optic measurement technology and applications in related markets, only OpSens can provide you with proprietary fiber optic technology as well as the facilities, expertise and manpower to meet your needs and from concept to commercialization.

Proprietary Fiber Optic Technology

We have designed the best pressure and temperature sensors in the world. Extremely small (down to ~200 micron in diameter), our sensors can be encapsulated in a variety of medical-grade materials (PI, PEEK, SS, glass, etc.) to fit any application.

Accurate & reliable measurement with zero drift

OpSens sensors and signal conditioners are calibrated individually to ensure the highest accuracy and consistency in our products. We use light to measure, not electricity, which guarantees continuous measurement with near-zero drift.

Interference immunity (RF/EM/MR/MW)

Our sensors use optical signals instead of electrical properties. They are therefore immune to RF, EM, MR and MW interference, unlike electrical sensors, which are significantly more vulnerable to these conditions. OpSens technology can operate under extremely high and low temperature and pressure conditions and is proven to be effective in high-radiation applications (e.g. radiofrequency ablation or within the MRI bore).

Our products

FidelaTM – 2nd generation fiber optic sensor technology

Delivers reliable results in harsh and constrained environments

NIST traceable, consistent, reliable, and interchangeable

Designed to provide accurate real-time temperature monitoring

Unique integrated solutions to fit into your system

Long-term reliable performances in constantly changing conditions

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