Your Pressure Guidewire to DIAGNOSE and TREAT with Confidence

2nd Generation Fiber Optic Sensor

OpSens OptoWire is a modern pressure guidewire designed to assess stenoses in vessels such as coronary arteries.

OptoWire is powered by Fidela™, a patented 2nd generation fiber optic sensor to measure physiologic indices including Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR and diastolic Pressure Ratio (dPR).

The large nitinol core from the OptoWire provides unique workhorse
performance by allowing unique control, torque and support while achieving great performance with consistent and repeatable measurements.

OpSens revolutionary technology makes disconnecting/reconnecting
the guidewire several times possible. It translates into the opportunity to
provide Percutaneous Coronary Intervention over the same guidewire without device exchange. It also allows making measurements pre-and post procedures.

The OptoWire provides the lowest drift in the industry1
and allows physicians to have confidence in their diagnosis and treat the most
complex anatomies with peace of mind. It brings efficiency by saving time,
adjunct devices, and costs.


1 OpSens Internal Benchtest

With the OptoWire you Get:


Large nitinol core as well as atraumatic tip with excellent shape retention provides unique guidewire control, torque and support. 

With the OptoWire, you can navigate through complex anatomies


Disconnect your pressure guidewire and take full control during complex cases. Reconnect easily
without re-equalization.

You can diagnose and deliver your stent without guidewire exchange


Choose among different hyperemic and resting indices to assess coronary physiology.

You are ready to face different clinical situations with the right decision-making


FidelaTM, 2nd generation fiber optic sensor is designed to provide the lowest drift in the industry with consistent and repeatable measurements. 

You can trust your diagnosis and complete your case faster

See it in action…

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Wire Performance and Reliable Connect/Disconnect


Consistent and Accurate Measurements


Reliable Access and Support + Connect/Disconnect



Your Pressure Guidewire 
to DIAGNOSE and TREAT with Confidence

Peace of Mind
Confidence in Diagnosis
Time Saving
1-Wire PCI

For Efficient and Predictable PCI

OptoWire Article

OpSens OptoWire III : A Next-Generation Workhorse Pressure Guidewire
By Eric A. Osborn, MD, PhD



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