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AccuSens – Single and Multi-Channel (1, 2, 4, 8) Signal Conditioner

High Accuracy Signal Conditioner for Measuring Physiological† Temperature.

The AccuSens is a signal conditioner specifically designed for measuring physiological† temperature.

The AccuSens is designed to perform in stringent medical environments by offering the highest temperature accuracy and resolution in the industry.

At the heart of the AccuSens is the OpSens’ White Light Polarization Interferometry (WLPI) technology (patent # 7,259,862) which provides a mean for making accurate

and absolute measurements of the path length difference of any type of interferometric fiber optic sensors, whose difference varies according to the measurand of interest.

The AccuSens comes with a standard ±5 V output and a RS-232 communication port for real-time data acquisition. The AccuSens can be controlled directly using the front-panel keypad or remotely using the standard RS-232 interface. Single and multi-channel OEM versions are available.


  • Highest accuracy and resolution in the industry
  • OEM and multi-channel version available
  • Outstanding repeatability
  • 20 Hz sampling rate
  • ±5 V and RS-232 output interfaces


  • Physiological temperature measurements
  • RF, microwave ad electro surgery environments
  • MRI system (R&D and OEM applications)
  • Sterilization applications