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TempSens – Multi-Channel (2,4,8) Signal Conditioner

Multi-channel signal conditioner for applications using GaAs based fiber optic temperature sensors.

At the heart of the TempSens is the Opsens’ Semiconductor Band Gap (SCBG) technology which provides a mean for making accurate measurements of the temperature dependent bandgap of GaAs crystal.

The TempSens is equipped with a large visible LCD and it comes with standard ±5 V outputs and a RS-232 communication port for real-time data acquisition. The TempSens can be controlled directly using the front panel keypad or remotely using the standard RS-232 interface.

The TempSens has a channel sampling rate of 50 Hz. With a ± 0.3 °C accuracy or better (total accuracy including both signal conditioner and sensor errors from 20°C to 45°C) and 0.1 °C resolution, the TempSens delivers the performances needed for a wide range of critical measurement applications.


  • ± 0.3 °C total system accuracy
  • 4 or 8 channels with large LCD display
  • High linearity and repeatability
  • 50 Hz sampling rate
  • ±5 V and RS-232 output interfaces
  • OEM version available


  • General laboratory applications
  • Temperature monitoring in MR environment
  • RF, ultrasound and electro surgery environments
  • High voltage environments
    EMI, RFI and microwave environments
  • Microwave and food processing
  • Nuclear and hazardous environments
  • Civil engineering and geotechnical applications