OEM/Life Science Solutions

OpSens’ fiber optic temperature and pressure sensor for life sciences and medical device OEM


High Fidelity

FidelaTM – 2nd generation fiber optic sensor technology

With OpSens’ unique design, our unique FidelaTM sensor offers the highest performance available on the market in terms of size, accuracy, thermal stability, moisture induced drift and mechanical robustness.

  • High fidelity pressure measurements with no hysteresis, motion artifact, and signal drift
  • High frequency response preserves signal integrity and prevents damping of signal
  • Lesser invasive catheterization practices with catheter size reduction
  • Increase functionality with immunity to MR, RF, MW, EM and electro surgery environments
  • Easy integration without complicated wire harness leads to manufacturing cost reduction and high production yield

High Accuracy

NIST traceable, consistent, reliable and interchangeability

OpSens’ intrinsically safe fiber optic temperature sensor is designed to provide accurate real-time temperature monitoring during MR, RF ablation, hyperthermia therapy and new electro-surgical procedures. This compact tip sensing temperature transducer is available as skin surface, core, nasal and oesophageal probes. OpSens’ high accuracy fiber optic temperature sensors provide precise temperature measurements in MR, NMR and RF environments.

  • Total system accuracy of ± 0.5°C or better
  • NIST traceability
  • Consistent, reliable and interchange ability from “system-to-system”
  • Fully customizable and robust sensor packaging
  • Cost competitive for OEM design
  • Complete immunity. Note: GaAs platform suitable for MR less than 1.5T, WLPI platform for 1.5T and above
​Signal Conditioners / OEM Boards

Cost Effective

Signal conditioners and OEM cards that can be integrated into your system

OpSens’ R&D team has over 20 years experience in the fiber optic sensing technology and associated market applications. We have the ability to provide solutions unique to your market. OpSens continuously team with its customers to develop the best solutions for an easy integration. Our OEM boards and sensors meet the requirements set forth by the energy, medical and industrial applications ensuring long term reliable performances in constant changing conditions.

  • Cost effective
  • Compact in size
  • Lower power consumption
  • Available in both WLPI and GaAs technologies platforms

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