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Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors

OpSens’ optic temperature sensors are perfectly tailored for devices and therapies using energy extremes, high or low. They can also survive radiated environments and are immune to microwave energy. These sensors are designed to be used in broad range of environments, from cryogenic to high temperatures, up to 350 degrees Celsius.

OpSens’ fiber optic temperature sensor is designed to provide accurate real-time temperature monitoring during MR, RF ablation, hyperthermia therapy and electro-surgical procedures. This compact tip sensing temperature transducer is available as skin surface, core, nasal, and oesophageal probes.


Total system accuracy of ± 0.5°C or better

NIST traceability

Consistent, reliable, and interchangeable from system-to-system

Fully customizable and robust sensor packaging

Cost competitive for OEM design

Complete immunity

*Note: GaAs technology suitable for MR less than 1.5T, WLPI technology for 1.5T and above

OTG (SCBG) Series – GaAs Technology

OTG series fiber optics temperature sensors are designed for applications that require very focal temperature monitoring, fast response time and/or versatile sensor size packaging.

With an accuracy of ± 0.3°C and resolution of 0.01°C, the Gallium Arsenide − SCBG (Semiconductor Bandgap) technology OTG series optical sensors are perfect for any application that requires long term reliability and stability. With plug and play features, it is designed to meet the requirements for the life sciences and medical industry.

  • Smallest optical sensors in the industry (0.170mm OD)
  • Fast response time of less than 10ms
  • Available in diverse packaging

OTP-M Series – WLPI Technology

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