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PIT3 encapsulation (310 μm polyimide)

MEMS-based fiber optic pressure sensor providing high frequency response and additional functions resistant to MR for industrials applications.

Opsens Solutions’ OPP-M is a MEMS-based fiber optic pressure sensor † designed for industrial applications.

The sensor has a diameter of 0.20 mm OD allowing integration into the monitoring devices that require miniature sensors.

The bare optical pressure sensors are dedicated for company that wishes to performs own in-house sensor packaging unique to their product.

The encapsulation can be done on the sensor tip and/or throughout the whole optical cable in different materials and sizes; customizable according to client’s specific OEM applications. The packaged sensor significantly reduces the R&D investment and integration efforts hence minimize the overall cost on implementation and manufacturing processes.

Combined with Opsens Solutions’ WLPI signal conditioning technology (patent # 7,259,862) and with the inherent advantages of fiber optic, the OPP-M offers long term accuracy, repeatability, low drift and high fidelity pressure measurements under the presence of harsh EM, RF, MR and microwave fields.


  • Ultra miniature
  • High fidelity
  • Custom sensor packaging
  • EMI/RFI immunity
  • Low cost


  • Pressure monitoring in confined places
  • Pressure measurement under and MW/RF related practices