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Fiber Optic Pressure Sensors

OpSens OPP series fiber optic pressure transducers are designed to provide accurate measurement in the most adverse conditions. Its small size and EMI/RFI/MRI immunity makes it the ideal sensor for harsh environments or sensitive applications.


High fidelity pressure measurements with no hysteresis, motion artifact, and signal drift

High frequency response preserves signal integrity and prevents signal dumping

Micro-scale Size
Lesser invasive catheterization practices with catheter size reduction

Increased versatility with immunity to MR, RF, MW, EM

Easy integration without a complicated wire harness leads to manufacturing cost reduction and high production yield

OPP-M200 Series

The OPP-M200 are designed for pressure measurement applications that require very small sensors, down to 0.200mm OD, with outstanding repeatability.

Exhibiting negligible temperature shift and moisture induced drift, the OPP-M sensor demonstrates high fidelity pressure measurement with no phase delay and is not susceptible to external perturbations.

Immune to MR/RF and electromagnetic environment, the OPP-M is ideal for applications seeking for tip pressure measurement in existing applications and with potentials for new applications.

Can be made to virtually any length and encapsulated with a wide variety of materials.

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