OpSens’ Versatile Technology Fulfills Needs in Key Markets


OpSens is always looking to innovate and find solutions to challenges and unmet needs in various markets.

Powered by FidelaTM, its 2nd generation fiber optic sensor, OpSens designed its flagship product, the OptoWire, a guidewire to assess, diagnose and treat coronary blockages by physiological measurement with confidence.

OpSens also capitalizes on its expertise developed in coronary physiology to extend its activities to the fast-growing sector of structural cardiology. OpSens will innovate with the first pressure guidewire to confirm positioning of valves in the treatment of aortic stenosis. This strategic product will help optimize the TAVR procedure.

OpSens’ optical technology can be adapted and integrated into various applications, allowing the company to partner in projects within several markets.

OpSens – Analyst Coverage

OpSens is currently covered by

Firm: Stifel GMP
Analyst: Justin Keywood

Firm: Raymond James
Analyst: Rahul Sarugaser

Firm: RBC
Analyst: Doug Miehm

Firm: Bloom Burton Securities Inc.
Analyst: David Martin PhD MBA

Firm: M Partners
Analyst: Max Carr

Firm: Paradigm
Analyst: Scott McAuley, PhD

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Louis Laflamme
President & CEO

750 Boulevard du Parc Technologique.
Quebec, QC, Canada  G1P 4S3
Tel.: 418.781.0333


Deloitte, s.e.n.c.r.l.
925 Grande-Allée Street West
Suite 400
Quebec, QC, Canada G1S 4Z4
Tel.: 418.624.3333

Transfer Agent & Registrar

Equiniti Trust Company, LLC

1700 – 1190 Avenue des Canadiens-de-Montréal
Montréal, Québec H3B 0G7
Tel.: 1.800.387.0825

OpSens – Couverture des analystes

OpSens est actuellement couverte par

Firme : Stifel GMP
Analyste : Justin Keywood

Firme : Raymond James
Analyste : Rahul Sarugaser

Firme : Bloom Burton Securities Inc.
Analyste : David Martin PhD MBA

Firme : RBC
Analyste: Doug Miehm

Firme : M Partners
Analyste : Max Carr

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